Hand Valves - Stop/Check Valve (RFF)

Type Z

These valves (sizes 10 to 250ND) have steel valve body for direct connection to pipe work, to prevent reversal of flow of refrigerant in discharge, hot gas, liquid and suction lines.

Available with Angle (Z_"E") or Straight Through (Z_"D") body configuration with Hand Wheel "V" or with Cap "C", these stop/check valves offer reliable operation regardless of mounting position, however best avoid mounting with spindle pointing down and do not to oversize to avoid valve hunting or chattering.

Butt Weld connection "S" the most commonly stocked but also available for Brazing "B" for ODS copper tubing sizes (1/2" to 4 1/8"), Socket Weld "K" in sizes (10 to 32ND) and 2mm gauge tube "H" sizes (10 to 250ND).

Suitable for Ammonia, CO2 and other common refrigerants for RFF. Pressure drop for wide open operation between 10 to 20kPa dependant on valve size and position. Refer to RFF Table Spring strength table for check valves, p55.


See RFF Stop/Check Valves from Catalogue pages 53 to 60 (CGA-rev8-02-08)


ZVES, ZCES, ZCDS and ZVDS check valve Price Guide


Also see RFF Check valves

Alternative Hansen Stop/Check valve or Hansen check valve range with flanged connections.


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RFF Catalogue pages 53 to 60


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