Pump Guardian


Hansen now offers the Pump Guardian, an easy to understand, integrated pump controller intended to safeguard refrigerant liquid pumps and to alert plant operators to improper or harmful operating conditions as they occur. Previously protective electrical circuits have depended upon mere time delay differential pressurestats for primary pump protection. However, if manual reset was used, the operator had to be alert and available to keep the plant running. If time delay with automatic restart was used, the pump would be repeatedly restarted even if a serious problem existed. This controller provides a centralized point of monitoring and protection for pumps. It can indicate relative pump status such as: running, cavitating, off due to low liquid level, insufficient or loss of pump pressure, motor overtemperature, and unnecessary on/off recycling.


The Pump Guardian controller is ideal for use with refrigerant liquid pumps in recirculator packages, accumulators, receivers, and intercoolers. It is suitable for use with Hansen Hermetic pumps as well as other manufacturers' pumps, whether of open or sealless design.


  • Protects pump
  • Avoids nuisance cutouts
  • Clearly displays pump status
  • Automatic operation
  • Computer compatible


The Pump Guardian is a fully integrated controller, designed specifically for use with industrial refrigeration pumps. It simplifies control circuit wiring, consolidates pump protecting devices, and keeps operator informed as to pump status. While monitoring pump activity, the Pump Guardian avoids nuisance cutouts and subsequent manual restarting of pump due to shortterm conditions such as temporary or intermittent loss of proper refrigerant liquid supply to the pump inlet. Unlike most pump controls, it provides excessrecycling (on/off) protection to prevent unnecessary pump damage due to a reoccurring system problem without the need of a pressurestat manual reset. Motor overtemperature monitoring and protection is built-in for pumps having integral motor thermistors (as standard on Hansen CNF series pumps).


Power: 115V 50/60Hz; (230V 50/60Hz, optional) Terminal Strip: Accepts 14-22 AWG wire sizes Relays: 10 Amp, SPST, Normally Open (N.O.) Controller Temperature Range: 32ºF to 120ºF (0ºC to 50°C) Enclosure: NEMA 4, high impact polycarbonate, clear cover, gasketed

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