Ward Valve & Control was established in 1993 with the support of HANSEN, HERMETIC-PUMPEN and RFF (Robinet).Ward Valve & Control

The company strives to assist clients over Australia with sizing and selection services with an understanding of the engineering back ground of the applications for the products in the refrigeration industry.

The range of refrigerated air purgers and now the new air & water purger range offers efficient energy saving operation of ammonia plants. The purger range leeds the technical range of products from HANSEN with modulating sealed motor valves, transducer level probes and the recently introduced pressure/temperature transducers that enable monitoring or control of the subcooling and/or superheat levels within a refrigeration system.

Gas detection/monitoring range add to the wide selection of products available to ensure safe and reliable operation of refrigeration installations.

Product data and technical information is available from the web site but if you need guidance to find it or addition information do not hesitate to call the office.

Calls are welcome should you need or desire technical information on any of the products we offer, or discuss a particular application you may be considering.

Contact: Ian Ward Tel: 03 9873 7222


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