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Techni-Level Probes 4-20mA


Hansen Techni-Level level transducer probes have fast become the industry standard for liquid refrigerant level control and monitoring. These reliable, well engineered electronic level transducer probes, when properly used, operate trouble-free and are not affected by reasonable changes in refrigerant temperature or pressure. They provide a computer compatible 420 mA (milliamp) output signal proportional to liquid level. Probes consist of a compact, electronic transmitter in a watertight housing assembled on top of a rugged, capacitance type level sensor. Probe active lengths up to 168inch (4270 mm) are available. Normally, the probe must be inside a level column. Typical applications include: vertical and horizontal vessels, pump accumulators, pilot receivers, and refrigerant loss monitoring. These probes are operating control devices and should never be used as safety devices.

HK051001 VLT.02N 20"/510mm Techni-Level Probe 4-20mA
HK076001 VLT.03N 30"/760mm Techni-Level Probe 4-20mA
HK102001 VLT.04N 40"/1015mm Techni-Level Probe 4-20mA
HK152501 VLT.06N 60"/1525mm Techni-Level Probe 4-20mA
HK215401 VLT.08N 80"/2030mm Techni-Level Probe 4-20mA
HK254001 VLT.10N 100"/2540mm Techni-Level Probe 4-20mA
HK305001 VLT.12N 120"/3050mm Techni-Level Probe 4-20mA
HK366001 VLT.14N 140"/3660mm Techni-Level Probe 4-20mA
HK427001 VLT.16N 160"/4270mm Techni-Level Probe 4-20mA

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