Pressure / Temperature Transducers

HGV1 long neck R/A 1/4" M/F NPT


These specially designed refrigerant gauge, purge, and needle valves feature tough, forged steel bodies, compact size, and polished stainless steel stems. Their patented O-ring plus packing dual seal design and polished stainless steel stem provides a leakage free packing. Safety stems are designed to be non-removable from the body to avoid dangerous stem "blow out".

HG006001 HGV1H R/A 1/4" M/F NPT long neck bar handle
HG006002 HGV1C R/A 1/4" M/F NPT long neck cap

H9490 Transducer Valve


Hansen Technologies sets the standard for engineering excellence with its new Transducer Valve.

Applications include:
- Install wherever pressure monitoring is desired.
- Turn stem all the way in and seat to isolate pressure from both gauge and pressure transducer ports.
- Turn stem all the way out and seat to isolate pressure from the gauge port.

H9490 Specifications
Rugged, forged steel hermetically welded valve body cannot be disassembled.
Non-removable stainless steel stem, metal-to-metal seat.
Patented o-ring plus packing dual seal design.
1/4" NPT male pipe thread system pressure connection.
1/4" NPT female pipe thread accessory connections.
Seal cap only.

Pressure Temperature Transducer


Temperature and pressure determine whether a refrigerant is at saturation, superheat, or subcooling. The Hansen Pressure/Temperature Transducer measures both temperature and pressure within a single sensor. Electronics in the sensor then calculate the superheat or subcooling for the specified refrigerant. This value is converted to a milliamp signal for use by a customer supplied computer or controller.

Measurement of superheat to control an electronic expansion valve for a DX evaporator.
Measurement of subcooling.
Measurement of non-condensible gas in a refrigeration system, which because it has a pressure higher than expected at the given temperature looks like subcooling.
Measurement of superheat to monitor/control de-superheater temperature.
Measurement of superheat to monitor/control suction gas temperature to compressor.

Key Features

  • Specifically designed for industrial refrigeration
  • Solid-state electronics
  • Computer compatible, 2-wire 4-20 mA signal output
  • DIN plug standards
  • Single 3/4" NPT fitting to system
  • Watertight NEMA 4 (IP65) enclosure
  • Base model is suitable for ammonia
  • Also suitable for R22, R134a, and many other refrigerants with the appropriate refrigerant key

Because the superheat or subcooling is calculated right in the transducer head, control systems are greatly simplified. A standard PLC or off-the-shelf PID controller can be used with this sensor. Combining the temperature measurement and pressure measurement in one sensor simplifies installation. Having the
temperature sensor extend into the fluid flow greatly increases the accuracy and response time of the temperature measurement.

HK700022 HPT22 Pressure/Temperature Transducer, R22, 4-20mA superheat/subcooling
HK700717 HPT717 Pressure/Temperature Transducer, R717, 4-20mA, Superheat/Subcooling
HK700744 HPT744 Pressure/Temperature Transducer, R744, 4-20mA, Superhreat/subcooling

Pressure Transducer C-10 4-20ma 1/4" NPT


Pressure Transducer C-10 4-20ma 2-wire, DIN, compact, 1/4" NPT

Body and wetted parts of stainless steel
Medium temperature -30 °C ... +100 °C
Weather protection IP 65 or IP 67
Wiring with DIN plug or flying lead with antikink protection
CE - conformity

WT010000 C-10 4-20ma 2-wire, DIN, compact, 1/4" NPT -100/1200kPa
WT040000 C-10 4-20ma 2-wire, DIN, compact, 1/4" NPT -100/2000kPa

Pressure Transducer ECO-1 4-20ma 1/4" NPT


Pressure Transducer ECO-1 4-20ma 2-wire, DIN, 1/4" NPT

Housing and wetted parts of stainless steel
Temperature of medium -40 °C ... +100 °C
Degree of protection IP 65 or IP 67
Wiring with DIN L-plug or flying lead with
integrated bend protection
CE - conformity

WT010001 ECO-1 4-20ma 2-wire, DIN, 1/4" NPT -100/1200kPa
WT040001 ECO-1 4-20ma 2-wire, DIN, 1/4" NPT -100/2000kPa


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