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Vari-Level Level Control


The Hansen Vari-Level provides excellent level control and monitoring flexibility for industrial and large commercial refrigeration systems. It takes the place of multiple single point level switches on new or existing refrigerant vessels. This popular and field-proven system consists of a control unit, probe and level column. Level set points and differentials can be easily set up, and then simply changed by moving knobs when necessary. A built-in level simulator enables the operator to easily check proper operation of control valves, pumps, and alarms at the various set levels.

Variations - Controller
HJ000201 LB1 relay unit 240V/50Hz controller
HJ000202 LB2 relay unit 240V/50Hz controller
HJ000203 LB3 relay unit 240V/50Hz controller
HJ000205 LB5 relay unit 240V/50Hz controller

Variations - Probe
HJ051002 LP.02N probe 510mm
HK076003 LP.03N probe 760mm
HK102004 LP.04N probe 1015mm
HK152506 LP.06N probe 1525mm
HK203008 LP.08N probe 2030mm
HK254010 LP.10N probe 2540mm
HK305012 LP.12N probe 3050mm

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