Defrost Controllers

Frost Master and Frost Master Plus


Hansen Technologies' Frost Master is an easy-to-use defrost controller for more efficient removal of frost accumulation on evaporator coil surfaces. This controller uses simple, reliable solid-state elec-tronics with a precision quartz time clock and time adjusting slide knobs to sequentially operate through logical defrost steps for smooth but complete and effective defrosting. The SPDT relays facilitate flexible connection of solenoid valves and control relays. Defrost mode and step times are easily viewed through the clear cover of the NEMA 4 en-closure. Typically, one controller is used per defrost control valve group.

HO020000 FM-02 Frost Master with remote initiate 240V/50Hz
HO120000 FM-12 Frost Master with 24 hour clock 240V/50Hz
HO720000 FM-72 Frost Master 7 day clock 240V/50Hz

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