Hand Valves - Hand Regulating (Expansion Valves)

Hand Reg. BW R/A & S/T


RFF hand-regulating valves can be supplied with a material certificate for body and bonnet which guarantees the impact strength at -50°C.
RFF hand-regulating valves are constructed  of low temperature carbon steel with stainless steel spindles and sealed by two O-rings with a special oil filled groove which provides a complete gas tight seal.

The O-rings can be replaced when the spindle is back-seated fully. Maintenance of the O-rings can be carried out without shutting down the plant.
RFF have redesigned the hand regulating valve Seat. The regulation of liquid flow is carried out by restricting the orifice size by the conical (cone) underneath the Seat. The new model has a new PTFE Seat which can be used to close the Regulating valve completely.  
Hand regulating valves can be identified by a series of two grooves machined into the vertical bonnet surface. They are painted mauve in colour.
Hand-regulating valves have a normal maximum flow-rate which depends on their nominal diameters, but they can be fitted with special cones to give a higher-than-standard flow-rate.  
The new Hand Regulating Valves can be  described as straight through. Angle versions are possible for sizes DN  15, 25 and 40mm only. The angle valve dimensions are identical to the angle shut off valve sizes.
By using valves fitted with caps on installations using odourless refrigerant extra security is ensured. Gas refrigerant is contained under the cap which is manufactured with small hole drilled under  the gasket. When the cap is unscrewed, any build-up of refrigerant gas inside the cap will escape through this hole and can be heard as a whistling noise. This is an indication that the O-rings in the gland nut have been damaged or are in poor condition. All hand-regulating valves can be fitted with handwheels or caps.

Cone Sizing
Cones can be identified by holes on the under side of the seat.

Cone Size Cone Area Angle No of Holes
10/15mm 24mm2 18o 1
  36mm2 18o 2
  60mm2 18o 3
20/25mm 40mm2 29o 0
  56mm2 29o 1
  110mm2 29o 2
32/40mm 90mm2 45o 0
  140mm2 45o 1
  300mm2 45o 2
  500mm2 45o 3


RK0150.[024/036/060]             Hand Reg. 15mm B/W  R/A H/W
RK0151.[024/036/060]             Hand Reg. 15mm B/W  R/A CAP
RK0250.[040/056/110]             Hand Reg. 25mm B/W  R/A H/W
RK0251.[040/056/110]             Hand Reg. 25mm B/W  R/A CAP
RK0400.[090/140/300/500]     Hand Reg. 25mm B/W  R/A H/W
RK0401.[040/140/300/500]     Hand Reg. 25mm B/W  R/A CAP

RC0150.[024/036/060]             Hand Reg. 15mm B/W  S/T H/W
RC0151.[024/036/060]             Hand Reg. 15mm B/W  S/T CAP
RC0200.[040/056/110]             Hand Reg. 20mm B/W  S/T H/W
RC0201.[040/056/110]             Hand Reg. 20mm B/W  S/T CAP
RC0250.[040/056/110]             Hand Reg. 25mm B/W  S/T H/W
RC0251.[040/056/110]             Hand Reg. 25mm B/W  S/T CAP
RC0320.[090/140/300/500]     Hand Reg. 32mm B/W  S/T H/W
RC0321.[090/140/300/500]     Hand Reg. 32mm B/W  S/T CAP
RC0400.[090/140/300/500]     Hand Reg. 40mm B/W  S/T H/W
RC0401.[090/140/300/500]     Hand Reg. 40mm B/W  S/T CAP

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