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HermEco® System for Energy Efficient operation of pumps in refrigeration plants

Hermetic-Pumpen have opened the way to safely use speed control on hermetic "can" liquid refrigeration pumps. 

The use of Frequency Converters for speed control previously raised the concern of possibly operating hermetic sealed "can" pumps outside of their operating range.  Hermetic now have the solution allowing considerable increase efficiency to be achieved with a variable speed control to adjust for changing flow requirements while maintaining pump differential head over the operating range.

Product Information: HermEco® System for Increasing Energy Efficiency

Technical Report: Pump technology: Improved energy efficiency in refrigeration plants, explains the reasoning, the pump operational issues and how these can be solved to substantially save power use.

Hermetic-Pumpen website


MVP Multi-Valve Platform Valve Station from Hansen

The compact refrigerant control valve station that allows four to six control functions within one unit.

This allows faster installation with less pipe work and welding, It requires less installation space with less weight. It offers many other advantages including the feature of using the same parts and kits as existing Hansen individual valves.

Product Data Sheet: MVP Multi-Valve Platform Valve Station

Hansen website


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