Refrigerant Liquid Pumps - Single & Multi Stage

HERMETIC-pumps are completely self-contained centrifugal pumps without any shaft sealing, driven electro-magnetically by the canned motor.

The CNF Model has been specially developed for pumping liquified gas. This single stage pump design now allows for the pumping of liquified gases with an extremely steep vapour pressure diagram. There is no need for external recirculation of the partial flow into the suction vessel/separator.

The CAM and CAMR models of HERMETIC pumps are completely closed. They operate using the canned motor principle which removes the need for any shaft seal. The CAM and CAMR ranges have been developed especially for refrigeration applications, features include:

  • Low NPSH (Net Position Suction Head) requirements
  • Pump built in two to six stages to suit application requirements
  • Multi-stage range able to pump 30 m3/h with a very low NPSHpump requirements.
  • Suitable for pumping ammonia, CO2 (carbon dioxide), halocarbons and many other refrigerants

Condensed Catalogue for the Refrigeration Range

Have you read about the HermEco system? Increase pump efficiency using frequency converter and differential pressure indicator.


Product Information: HermEco® System for Increasing Energy Efficiency

Technical Report: Pump technology: Improved energy efficiency in refrigeration plants, explains the reasoning, the pump operational issues and how these can be solved to substantially save power use.


Hermetic-Pumpen website


The Pump Guardian can protect pump from misuse and damage, have a look.





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