Gauge Valves

HGV1 long neck R/A 1/4" M/F NPT


These specially designed refrigerant gauge, purge, and needle valves feature tough, forged steel bodies, compact size, and polished stainless steel stems. Their patented O-ring plus packing dual seal design and polished stainless steel stem provides a leakage free packing. Safety stems are designed to be non-removable from the body to avoid dangerous stem "blow out".

HG006001 HGV1H R/A 1/4" M/F NPT long neck bar handle
HG006002 HGV1C R/A 1/4" M/F NPT long neck cap

Gauge Valve Bulletin

H9490 Transducer Valve


Hansen Technologies sets the standard for engineering excellence with its new Transducer Valve.

Applications include:

  • Install wherever pressure monitoring is desired.
  • Turn stem all the way in and seat to isolate pressure from both gauge and pressure transducer ports.
  • Turn stem all the way out and seat to isolate pressure from the gauge port.

H9490 Specifications
Rugged, forged steel hermetically welded valve body cannot be disassembled.
Non-removable stainless steel stem, metal-to-metal seat.
Patented o-ring plus packing dual seal design.
1/4" NPT male pipe thread system pressure connection.
1/4" NPT female pipe thread accessory connections.
Seal cap only.


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