Regulating Valves

We supply various Regulating Valves, including:

  • Seal Motor, Modulating HMXV(C) HMMR(C) HMMV(C)

  • Oil Temperature Valves HOTV & HOTW

  • Pressure Regulators HA4A(W) Series


SMV Sealed Motor Valves

The Hansen sealed motor valve utilizes a hermetically sealed motor construction eliminating external shaft or stem seals with their associated leakage potential. The electric stator is outside of a stainless steel "can" which contains the refrigerant within the valve. This sealed construction allows unaffected operation under conditions of frost or ice buildup. The modulating range uses a 4-20mA control signal to position the opening of the valve and the power supply of 24VAC powers the motor, 90Watt peak, 10watt average running, IP65.

Product Data Sheet: SMV

Hansen Bulletin R629: Sealed Motor Valves


Model HMXV

A small capacity model(s) for precise metering suit direct expansion or liquid feed, including oil cooling for screw compressors and water chillers.

Model HMMV

Suitable for precise temperature and pressure control. Usually with refrigerant vapour (suction pressure) control or other relatively low pressure drop application. 

Model HMMR

Suitable for high pressure drop application such as liquid makeup and liquid injection.

VPIF Valve Position Indicator

The VPIF is a digital monitoring module to indicate the percentage of valve opening position (LED reading 0 to 100%). It can be mounted on the valve or near by.  It uses plug in leads to the motor valve models HMXV, HMMV and HMMR which use a 4-20mA signal to position the opening of the valve, as well as having a 4-20mA feed back signal to indicate the valve opening position.  The VIPF has the facility of a three way switch to allow the valve to be manually open or closed or operate in automatic mode from the 4-20mA control signal.  This switch allows easy re-calibration of the valve if required.

Product Data Sheet: VPIF

Hansen Bulletin VPIF 

Model HMSV

Slowly open and close valve operation without valve position feed back signal. A simple non modulating model.

Power Close models HMXVC, HMMVC, HMMRC and HMSVC

These valves function as the normal valves but with the Power Close feature which automatically closes the valve on failure of the 24VAC power supply to the head assembly utilising an integral storage capacitor in the sealed head assembly.


Oil Temperature Valves, HOTV, HOTW

Three-way valve used to control the oil temperature of screw compressors or other oil cooling circuits. Suitable with ammonia and halocarbon refrigeration systems.

Hansen Bulletin M100, HOTV




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